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We want to thank everyone for all of the great questions over the years. We put together a list of the most frequently asked ones. Don't hesitate to call us or drop us a note and ask anything else you're wondering about.



Do you make the pizzas in the truck?

Yes. All of the pizzas are made right in our little truck. But there is a lot more work that happens behind the scenes. The toppings, dough, sauces and other fun stuff is all made in our commissary kitchen.

Do you offer gluten-free pizzas?

We do! We call them gluten-friendly. Since the truck is pretty small and there is a lot of dough in it, we can't say it is completely free of flour. We use Udi's or Schroder's gluten-free crusts and bake the pizzas in their own pans and then cut them with pizza cutters that haven't been used with any of our flour-based pizzas. These are available for catering and on occasion at public events. 

Will you come to our festival, party or company?

We will. The best way to get the truck to your party is to book us for catering. We get lots of invites to park the truck and sell things at various events. For events, we have a minimum sales requirement of $750 per 2 hours of service. This insures that we can cover our expenses if we're the only ones that show up to the party. 

Can we call and order a pizza?

We get lots of calls to from people who are looking to order a pizza from us. While we have a physical address, we don't sell pizzas from it. You can call and order a catered party however. :) 


What kind of parties do you cater?

We've had the opportunity to cater all sorts of events. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, graduations, retirements, baby showers, gift openings and all types of corporate events. We offer other options for catering too. Just give us a call and see.

How far do you travel?

We travel any reasonable distance. We do have to charge for our travel, however. Our truck gets about 6 miles per gallon... downhill on good days. Travel is billed at $1.50 per mile, plus tax. Any location further than an hour drive will incur additional travel fees to pay for the time for our staff as they journey to your big event. 

What is the difference between service from the truck and "buffet style"?
Depending on your event, you may be looking for something a little more formal than having dinner served from a truck window. We offer a full buffet service as well. Pizzas will be made in the truck, but served on buffet tables. There is an additional charge of $2 per person for buffet service. We bring linens, chaffers and additional staff to be able to serve buffet style. 

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